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Morgan Brown:
This show was amazing! Each performer has so much talent!! You can really tell they all love what they are doing! The show was so original and well put together! I was shocked to know that all the talent was local! I will definitely be attending more of their shows and I will be recommending everyone else to go as well!

Devy Smith:
I have to say that I was absolutely shocked! My husband and I saw the show in Park City and we LOVED it. Well put together. We had the opportunity to meet and mingle with the Cast and Producer after the show. Everyone was so friendly and willing to chat. Such a happy Cast even after what I am sure was a stressful weekend of 4 performances. This Show needs to be on Broadway! Hands Down, it is a Fabulous Production that a lot of hard work and Love was poured into. We cannot wait for the Rose Wagner Show. We are telling all of our friends, family and co-workers that this is a "Must See"! These Local Artists ROCK! So thankful to finally see a change coming to SLC, UT and the Intermountain West.

Wodrow Lovell:
My wife and I really enjoyed the show. Looking forward to seeing it again.

The Judds:
This show was absolutely fabulous. We attended the show in September at the State Room in Salt Lake City. It was much more that we anticipated and we were very much in awe of the performer's and the production itself. Great talent indeed. We are very much looking forward the the next show and have recommended it to all our friends and family. This was a great experience and walk down memory lane. Well done! we loved it! :)

Jeanne Paulson:
We didn't want the show to end!!! I can't remember when we've seen such a first class performance. Every number was amazing. It brought back many old memories of the songs we listened to and danced to in the 60's. The costumes were great, the band was great and every performer was outstanding. I loved, loved,loved it!!!!!

Dan & Tad Tannery:
Wow...just amazing to feel like you have been taken back in time to when music was something you could dance to and you felt and could sing to it...We just saw this fantastic performance here in Farmington at Station Park...We were so blown away at the amount of talent all in one show it was and is the BEST of Motown you'll find ever in one place..Is this the 60's again...You'll be looking for your Bell Bottoms..!!! Looking forward to seeing the next show..Bring some friends for a Fantastic time !!!

Jayna Powers:
I absolutely loved this group. I saw them at Station Park in Farmington. I cannot believe the local talent we have here in our beautiful valley! AND IT WAS free. I will pay to see them perform again. Way to go!!

Cindy L:
LOVED IT!!!!!!! I didn't know what to expect but once the show started, I already started sending out tweets, posting facebook statuses about how amazing the show was!!!!! Cant wait to attend the next one!!!!

Jerome Marshall:
I can’t wait to see this show again. This is a memorable night for sure. My Nephew Mr. Keyon Bowman showed a great deal of talent. Dancing singing and acting all in one night as the young Michael Jackson. The rest of the show was outstanding as well. There is no one performance I enjoyed the most, the whole show was a blessing to see. Congrats to you all and thank you for wonderful night

Nikole B:
Outstanding performance. It was a must see. Watch out Motown sounds and more show is going places. Just beautiful and brought back so many memories. Cant wait for the next show, dancing thinking about it.

Wilfred D Samuels:
I really don’t know what it was. Perhaps my soul was just hungry for a first-class celebration of African American culture—popular and otherwise. Perhaps, with the exception of the now-and-again annual dance performance by the Alvin Ailey dancers at Kingsbury Hall or spiritually lifting visits by Maya Angelou, we have little or no access to such celebration. Perhaps it was because the production did such much with so little: no elaborate stage shifting back and forth, no over-the-top costumes, no prerecorded music. Perhaps I was happy to see local talents on display. Perhaps it was the authenticity of it all. No one tried to imitate anyone. Each performer represented who he/she was supposed to be. Incredible!! I actually thought Jackie Wilson, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke and others were actually on the stage. 
No doubt, as a child of the ‘60s, I definitely identify with Motown and everything about it, from the Four Tops to the Supremes, Little Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson. Motown, whose music we identified with and understood, defined us, our puppy loves, and our celebration of our Black selves! Yes, I attended shows and concerts at the Whisky A Go Go (where I saw Tammi Terrell and Marvin Gaye), Coconut Grove (yes, where I saw Diana Ross’s solo debut concert), and shows at the Fillmore West, San Francisco, where all Motown artists (Smoky and Eddie, to name a few) performed. And, I have seen other Motown Reviews from LA to Houston (“Where Were You in 1964), shows that had me and my sons dancing in the aisle, that were quite good.
Let me say, however, that the show I saw on February 21 at the Rose Wagner Theater: “Motown Sounds and More,” was beyond superb! It can only be described with superlatives!! It was, indeed, a seismic earthquake that rocked downtown Salt Lake City. That movement you felt from 7:00 to 9:00 P.M. if you were not at Rose Wagner was a cultural earthquake that reconfigured Salt Lake City as “The Right Place.” Salt Lake City became the right place to celebrate African American music and culture. 

Tanya Lang:
What a fabulous show to see,even though my husband and our children are part of the amazing cast. Even I was shocked of the performance and singing and that band was all the way live. I challenge everyone to see this show and I guarantee you would be on the edge of your seat or dancing on the floor.

Jodi Stevens:
This show was amazing! It was so much more than I expected. The talent of the cast was jaw dropping. I was thrilled to know they were all local talent. This show is worth seeing over and over again. It was a thrilling journey through the era and reinvigorated my love for Motown. A must see for all ages!

Dr. N:
Great tribute to Motown with wonderful talent. Amazing voices, great choreography and stunning costumes. Saw it at the Egyptian Theater in Park City this summer, couldn't wait til I could see them again. New additions of Sam Cooke and little Michael were absolutely fabulous. And telling the story behind many of the songs was also appreciated. I brought a carload of people and everyone had a great time! Thank you and let me know where I can see this ned!

Dave Singletary:

Diane Jensen:
Loved the new little Michael Jackson. Loved the Jackie Wilson & Sam Cooke act too. Love the show overall. I saw it in Park City and there were several new additions. Love them all! Can't wait to see what's coming in the next show! This is truly a nice treat for SLC. And wow....do we need it!

Lori Steins:
Renata producer of the show kept telling me that I had to see this show. I couldn't believe it with my very own eyes. FABULOUS!!!! I'll go see it again and again! Vegas, New York, Atlantic City worthy for sure! Who would have known we had a show like this in SLC.

What a delight to have seen the Motown Sounds and More Tribute Show! I just moved here from Virginia 4 days ago. CJ Drisdom invited me and the show blew my mind. I've already started contacting people in Arkansas and Virginia! Y'all band is second to none!can't wait to see the next one!

Josie Valdez:
I did not know we had this kind of professional talent right here in Salt Lake City. A showe comparable to any Vegas show I have seen...a MUST SEE!

Daniele LeCesne:
This show is absolutely fabulous! 
The singing and choreography is so amazing... so much talent amongst the cast. Spent time afterwards with the whole team and everyone is so friendly. Go see it...you will love every moment!

Diane & MJ:
Captivating from beginning to end. Awesome cast! So much talent!! Loved loved loved this show. Dancing in our seats. Go see this show, you won't be disappointed.

On June 7th, 2013 The EgyptianTheater Park City, Utah threw open it's doors for (4) consecutive sold out shows and welcomed up to 1200 enthusiastic Men, Women and Children to the  "MOTOWN SOUNDS " in Park City, Utah.
          Since, Theaters & Venues alike are being treated to the melodic sounds of these Amazing entertainers paying tribute to the hit makers of Motown, such as SMOKEY ROBINSON & THE MIRACLES, MARVIN GAYE, ARETHA FRANKLIN, THE TEMPTATIONS, THE SUPREMES, MARTHA REEVES & THE VANDELLAS, STEVIE WONDER, THE JACKSON 5 and many more to include Artists who have paved the way to R&B Classics & Motown such as, SAM COOKE, JACKIE WILSON & JAMES BROWN & so many others.
 The Sold Out Audiences have enjoyed powerful renditions of uninterrupted entertainment on a High Visibility Stage back drop.  All entertainers chosen to perform in this Production have gone through our extensive audition process and have been vetted for each showcase.  
     The Musical Review will guide the viewer through the history of, R&B, Soul & Motown, highlighting a wide variety of Top-10 Hits from the 1960's thru the 1970's. Noting that the three key elements of a successful group in these eras were the music, the choreography, and the costumes. This Showcase has them all!  Synchronized moves, beaded gowns, flashy suits, and the music you know and love that  reminisces a simpler time. This show was written and created not only from a deep love for Motown: the music, the meaning, and the opportunity it gave young talent, but also as a testament to the legacy of the Musical Movement.